Thursday, February 7, 2008


A new study says that ethanol use may add to global warming, but they base this on an assumption that there will be land-use changes to grow more crops for making ethanol. I don't think that is a fair assumption.

The Locus Poll and Survey is online. If you want to vote for the best of 2007, you have until April 15th.

Emma Bull told SciFi Wire that her new online fiction project, Shadow Unit, was developed because she wanted to do a fan fiction for a show that didn't exist. She worked with Will Shetterly, Elizabeth Bear, and Sarah Monette to create characters, story arcs, and write episodes. The "show" is starting to look pretty real, and it is still developing.

A robotic observatory has been opened on the Antarctic plateau. It has a great view, with clear skies, low winds, and an elevation of 13,000 feet. There are 7 telescopes. The nearest human outpost is an 18-day journey away.

DVRs for tonight:
Flash Gordon
Stargate Atlantis

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