Thursday, October 22, 2009


TV News:
* Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) will be replacing Maura Tierney on Parenthood. Sources: Zap2It, Ausiello Files (includes interview)
* Doctor Who is not just replacing the showrunner and The Doctor, they are also changing the logo and the design of the Tardis. Sources: SciFi Wire and Zap2It (logo), io9 (Tardis)
* FlashForward no longer has 2 show runners. Marc Guggenheim, who joined the show at ABC's insistance, is leaving. Co-creator David Goyer will now be the sole show runner. Sources: SciFi Wire, Zap2It
* Katee Sackhoff will be guest starring in Big Bang Theory in November. Sources: Zap2It, SciFi Wire
* Glee will be coming to DVD in December (with 13 episodes, the other 9 presumably coming later). Sources: Zap2It, Futon Critic
* Madonna is apparently a fan of Glee. She has given the show rights to her catalog. Source: Zap2It
* Nathan Fillion is going to appear as in his Browncoat outfit again (as a Halloween costume on Castle). Sources: io9, SciFi Wire

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Continuing to catch up on stories from the past month.

* Barnes & Noble has released an ebook reader called Nook. It has some distinct advantages over some of the previous ones (at least to me). Features: AT&T 3G and WiFi support, any ebook is free while you are in B&N, you can lend a book to a friend for 14 days, it supports PDF and the open ePub formats (which includes Fictionwise multi-format books), you can sync with an iPhone or PC with eReader software, and it can hold 2GB with a card reader to add more. Sources: CNet Crave, CNet News, Wired Epicenter, Wired Gadget Lab, Slashdot, SF Signal, SF Gate
* Google is launching Google Editions, which will sell ebooks that can be read by anything with a web browser. Books will come from the Google Books project, as approved by copyright holders. Sources: Wired, Google, Locus, CNet
* CNet has an article on the Internet Archive's BookServer project.
* HP and Amazon are teaming to produce Print on Demand paperbacks of ebooks.
* Wireless charging of devices may be coming as soon as next year.

* The GigaGalaxy Zoom Project has produced a 360 degree zoomable image of the night sky. Source: Slashdot (with links to more)
* Hubble image of a galactic merger in the constellation of Cancer. Source:
* The European Southern Observatory in Chile captured a great image of Barnard's galaxy. Sources:, io9
* NASA's Swift satellite has some amazing images of the Andromeda galaxy. Source: SciFi Wire
* 32 new exoplanets have been discovered.
* A reusable rocket flew a test flight out of New Mexico's Spaceport America. Source: Spaceflight, Technology

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Still more catch up from the month when I didn't post. This will probably continue all week while I migrate to a new newsreader.

Health & Science news:
* Researchers have found a genetic link to patients who can recover from Hepatitis C without treatment. Along similar lines, a genetic link was also found for patients who respond better to Diabetes treatment. Hopefully this will help them develop treatments that works for the rest.
* Researchers are working on an injectable stem cell paste for bone repairs.
* Nanomedicine: A microchip has been developed that can detect and identify early-stage cancer. Another article on the same lines from Stanford researchers, and a Computerworld article on the Stanford research.
* Fat cells harvested by liposuction are apparently easier to change into stem cells than other cells (such as skin).

* A huge collection of Anglo-Saxon treasure has been found, giving some insights to the Dark Ages. Sources: BBC Photogallery, BBC Article
* A 5,000 year old underwater town off the coast of Greece is being explored by an international team. Source: BBC
* A primate fossil has been found that pre-dates Lucy. Sources: Slashdot(with links to others), Wired
* A mini Roman Coliseum has been found by archeologists. Source: CNN
* For something a little more recent, Life Magazine has put their complete archive online for free viewing in the original layout.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm sorry I've let it go so long between blog entries. I'll try to do some catching up here.

TV news:
* Joss Whedon will be directing an episode of Glee later this season. Is it too much to hope that he'll include one of his songs? Also reported at Zap2It.
* Jorja Fox is extending her return to CSI indefinitely. Also reported by Zap2It.
* Full season pick ups have been announced for FlashForward, Glee and Cougar Town. Sources: Ausiello Files, Zap2It (FlashForward), Zap2It (Glee), Futon Critic
* There are indications & rumors that Chuck may return early, but there have been some recent denials, and I haven't seen an official confirmation yet. Sources: Ausiello Files, What's Alan Watching, Zap2It
* Wil Wheaton guest stars as (the evil version of) himself on tonight's Big Bang Theory. Sources: SciFi Wire, Wil Wheaton's blog
* JJ Abram's next TV show (about husband and wife spies) will be for NBC.
* Kyle XY will have a wrap up on the DVD. Source: TVshowsondvd

Those we lost:
* RIP Patrick Swayze. The actor died of cancer at 57. Sources: Zap2It, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Mercury News
* RIP Mary Travers. The singer who was the Mary of Peter, Paul & Mary died of leukemia at 72. Sources: SF Gate, NY Times, BBC

DVR settings for the week:
IFC is airing a six-part documentary on Monty Python (part 1 was last night). It will continue at 6 and 9pm each night this week. There is a review at
Mon 6pm Greek
Mon 8pm Heroes, House, How I Met Your Mother
Mon 930 Big Bang Theory
Mon 10p Castle (people keep telling me to give this a chance)
Wed 9pm Glee
Wed 930 Cougar Town
Wed 10p CSI:NY
Thu 8pm FlashForward
Thu 10p Private Practice (need to decide if I still want to watch)
Fri 6pm Stargate Universe & Monk
Fri 7pm Sanctuary
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer
Fri 9pm Dollhouse & Medium
Fri 10p Numb3rs & White Collar (premiere)