Thursday, February 7, 2008


Happy Lunar New Year!

News is starting to come in about network plans for TV shows once the strike ends. Of course they are tentative, but it mostly looks like comedies will film more episodes to air in April/May and dramas (except for those with CSI in the title) won't come back until fall. For specific shows, check out the chart here.

Popular Mechanics has an article today on plug-in cars and the challenges on getting batteries ready for them.

February 20th will have a total eclipse of the moon that should be visible from all of North America. It should last 51 minutes, starting at 7:01pm (PST), and Saturn and the star Regulus should be visible nearby.

Recast because of the car maker: The new Knight Rider movie had to recast the voice of KITT at the last minute because the original actor does the voiceovers for GM commercials, and Ford is using the movie as promotion since the new KITT is a Ford. The new actor will be Val Kilmer.

Wired has an article on 10 Sci-Fi technologies we could build now, except for the cost.

An Israeli startup company called Modu, partnered with SanDisk, is about to revolutionize the cell phone. They have created a modular phone unit that can fit into different shells for different functionality. Want a phone with a full keyboard, a great camera, or gaming options? You could use the same phone and just plug it into the specialized shell. Some electronics may provide links to use the Modu instead of building their own phone features.

eBay is changing the way they do feedback. One change is to eliminate negative feedback from being given to buyers (so their feedback to sellers is honest and not avoiding retribution). Other changes were made to protect sellers.

Scientists have bred see-through fish to study tumor growth for cancer research. Strange...

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