Wednesday, December 16, 2009


RIP Roy E. Disney. The former head of Disney Animation died of cancer today at 79. Sources: CNN, BBC

Health News:
* An iPhone app is turning out to be a great digital stethescope for sending doctors diagnostic information. Source: The Independent
* Scientists have unlocked the genetic code for skin and lung cancers. Source: BBC
* Levels of leptin, a hormone that controls appetite, have been linked to Alzheimer's. Source: BBC
* Drinking coffee & tea (even decaf) appears to help prevent Diabetes. Source: BBC
* An extract from the spice turmeric (curcumin) has been shown to kill cancer cells. Source: BBC
* Scientists have found a way to stop proteins that cause leukemia. Source: BBC
* Scientists have found an antibody that can reduce internal bleeding after an injury. Source: BBC
* Researchers have found a gene marker that may allow early testing for lung cancer. Source: Yahoo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Joe Haldeman has been named a Grand Master of Science Fiction. While my favorite books of his (Mindbridge & Marsbound) are not the most famous ones, it is well deserved. Sources: Whatever, Locus, SF Signal

TV/Movie News:
* Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. Zap2It has an easy-to-read list and an article on the snubs and surprises. Futon Critic has a list with totals by show/movie/network/distributor.
* Entertainment Weekly has a schedule of mid-season (re)start dates for TV shows.
* The recent Marvel/Disney deal inspired an amusing mashup poster that combines Marvel, Disney & Pixar characters.

Astronomy (aka Pretty Pictures):
* The first photos from the VISTA telescope show the Flame Galaxy. Sources:, io9, Wired
* io9 has a great picture of the Earth's atmosphere taken from ISS.
* Ultra Deep Field images from Hubble show the oldest galaxies we've seen. Sources:, CNet, io9
* has Hubble images they call "blobs, smudges & space jellyfish" from the Orion Nebula.
* The 2 moons of Mars have been captured in the same photo for the first time.
* io9 has pictures of the Heart Nebula from an amateur astrophotographer.
* Wired has Hubble pictures of the Jewel Box Cluster.
* has a crescent image of Earth taken by the Rosetta spacecraft which was swinging by Earth while chasing a comet.
* has a picture of the Centaurus A galaxy absorbing another older galaxy.
* NASA celebrated the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first telescope view with mashup images from 3 telescopes. Sources: io9 and

Monday, December 14, 2009


Audible has the unabridged audiobook of Ringworld by Larry Niven for FREE for a limited time. Source: SFFAudio via SF Signal.

TV news:
* Stargate: Universe and Sanctuary were both renewed. Sources: Futon Critic, SciFi Wire, Zap2It, Hollywood Reporter (via Whatever)
* Writers Guild award nominations were announced. Very little of what I watch was nominated, and I am baffled by the idea that they consider Glee a comedy.
* NBC has announced their mid-season premiere dates and how they fit in the schedule.
* Zap2It teases us about 3rd season Chuck. SciFi Wire has a 6-minute preview.
* Idina Menzel (Wicked) will guest star in the remaining 9 episodes of Glee. Source: Zap2It

DVR timers for the week:
Mon 6pm The Closer
Mon 8pm How I Met Your Mother
Mon 930 Big Bang Theory
Tue 9pm Scrubs
Wed 10pm CSI:NY
Thu 9pm CSI
Fri 7pm Sanctuary (repeats at 9pm) & 20 Pixar Short Films (ABCFAM)
Fri 8pm Dollhouse
Sat 6pm Doctor Who: Waters of Mars (BBCA)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly TV update

FlashForward and V are now off the air until March. ABC announced the dates as March 4th for FlashForward and March 30th for V (which also moves to a new day & time after Lost). This will mess up the airing vs in-show dates for FlashForward, but means it will air without preemptions once it returns. Sources:
* Zap2It and FutonCritic with the announcement
* Robert J Sawyer comments at SciFi Wire
* Showrunner David Goyer comments at Zap2It

As you can see below, I think I'm going to give the pilot to Men of a Certain Age a try because I like the cast. See this review at for more info.

DVR timers for the week:
Mon 6pm Alice (SYFY - repeats later) & The Closer (TNT)
Mon 8pm How I Met Your Mother
Mon 930 Big Bang Theory
Mon 10pm Castle & Men of a Certain Age (TNT)
Tue 9pm Scrubs
Wed 9pm Glee
Wed 930 Cougar Town
Wed 10pm CSI:NY
Thu 8pm Bones
Thu 9pm CSI & Fringe
Fri 7pm Sanctuary
Fri 8pm Dollhouse
Sun BBC America marathon of UK edits for Doctor Who episodes (extra footage!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


SyFy's Alice miniseries starts this Sunday. Generally non-spoiler reviews/articles are available at i09, Zap2It, and SciFi Wire if you are debating watching or not.

Jeremiah season 2 is finally coming to DVD, although it will be part of the new Manufacture-on-demand product line from Amazon.

The final David Tennant Doctor Who episode will air on BBC America on January 2nd (which makes 3 Saturdays in a row for new Doctor Who in the US). Sources: Zap2It, FutonCritic

There is a list out (from Reuters care of Zap2It) of the 10 most watched shows of the decade (since we are now less than a month from the end). Of these, I saw #1, I think I might have seen #6, and I wasn't even interested in the rest. For the most part, the shows people watch baffle me.

DVR timers for the rest of the week:
Thu 8pm Bones & FlashForward
Thu 9pm Fringe (& Private Practice?)
Fri 6+8pm Stargate: Universe
Fri 6+9pm Monk
Fri 7+9pm Sanctuary
Fri 7+10p White Collar
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer
Fri 9pm Medium
Fri 10pm Numb3rs
Sun 6pm Alice pt1 (SYFY, repeats at 8+10pm)
Sun 9pm Robin Williams HBO special