Friday, February 22, 2008


The Nebula Awards finalists have been announced. This SF Signal post links to several of the online stories or reviews. For the 2007 short works, I'm going to try to read them this weekend to see if they should be included in my Hugo nomination ballot. It is sad that I am making an effort to read books that I might want to nominate, and I've still only read 1 of the novels (the McDevitt, which I liked but considered one of the weaker entries to that series).

John Scalzi has started a last minute Hugo Nomination Recommendation thread. It is a good place to look for recommendations and links to other sites also discussing good stories from 2007. Remember: online nominations are due by March 1st, so there isn't much time left.

Also from John Scalzi: he is giving away 2 copies of an autographed, pre-publication novella to people who donate to a charity drive for libraries and then tell him what books they donated.

Rufus Sewell (Cold Comfort Farm, Dark City, The Holiday, etc.) will play Patrick Stewart's character in the US remake of Eleventh Hour, which is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for CBS. is going to be offering free, full length episodes of classic TV shows online. Their initial lineup (more to be announced later) includes Star Trek: TOS, The Twilight Zone, and MacGyver.

An air-powered car could be available in the US for less than $18,000 in 2 years. With one tank of compressed air and one 8 gallon tank of either gas, ethanol, or biofuel, it could get up to 96mph and travel 800-1000 miles.

Moonlight has lost another show runner. They are not expected to replace him for the final 4 episodes, but will if the show is renewed.

There's a worrisome article at ZDNet about IP addresses. Even with careful management, IPv4 will likely run out of addresses within the next 2-4 years. IPv6, which was supposed to solve this problem, will likely only make it more complicated.

DVR for tonight:
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