Friday, February 1, 2008


Researchers have made shape-shifting robots from tiny "catoms", or claytronic atoms. A swarm of tiny robots cling together by electromagnetism, changing shape by rolling around and connecting on different points.

Grow your own spare parts? A Finnish patient just received a jaw replacement made from his own stem cells and grown in his abdomen. Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

A new motor makes Zenn's electric cars go further on a charge.

A 3rd cable has been cut in the Mediterranean, disrupting internet access in Egypt, India and the Middle East. Service is rerouting around the world, but complete coverage probably won't be restored until next week.

Stanford researchers have found that carbon nanotubes can be used for administering medical treatments and exit the body without damaging it. Good news for cancer research. Here's the article that talks about the latest developments, and here is the earlier article that talks about the possibilities for cancer treatment.

Microsoft has made a takeover bid for Yahoo. Execs from Yahoo have said they're considering the bid; Microsoft has said they won't take no for an answer.

I'd heard that the SciFi channel had picked up a web-based show to play on TV next season. What I hadn't heard before today was that it stars Amanda Tapping, so she will be leaving Stargate Atlantis to do it (she may still make guest appearances). Also involved are Damon Kindler and Martin Wood from the Stargate shows and Sam Egan from Jeremiah. The show actually looks like it might be good - I guess I'll need to watch some of the webisodes.

Expect to see more Canadian shows on US TV because of the loss of the development season.

SF Signal has Star Wars Benny Hill as their Friday YouTube. So very wrong...

DVRs for tonight:
Flash Gordon
Stargate Atlantis

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