Wednesday, February 13, 2008


NBC has announced their shows coming back with new episodes too. Good news: Scrubs is coming back this spring, so they will probably film the ending. Not so good news: Although they have renewed Heroes, Chuck, and Life, there won't be any new episodes shown for them until Fall.

A new implantable device can remove stem cells or cancer cells directly from the bloodstream.

Disneyland is building a new "Home of the Future" in cooperation with Microsoft, HP, LifeWare, and Taylor Morrison. I wonder if this one will last longer than the 10 years the last one survived before cool and futuristic looked quaint.

Battlestar Galactica will get to finish its 4th season with all planned episodes, but they will be split into 2 dvd sets again.

Some dogs have become early recipients of stem cell therapy with stem cells drawn from their own fat cells. The article focuses on an 11-year old GSD who had severe arthritis and made a substantial recovery.

A 65 million year old bat fossil has been found, which shows that they developed wings before echolocation.

Firefox has released a 3rd beta for their new version. It sounds like it is getting closer, but I'm not switching yet.

CBS has announced return dates and the number of episodes expected to be shown for all their shows. Surprisingly, this even includes new episodes for their freshman shows (4 for Moonlight and 9 for Big Bang Theory). The Monday comedies will be first, premiering on March 17th.

Lost will have an additional 5 episodes filmed for this season, which is 3 less than they were supposed to have. The producer says that those 3 episodes will be added to the next 2 seasons, so we won't lose out on total episodes.

There is nothing on TV tonight.

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