Wednesday, February 20, 2008


French scientists have developed a rubber that heals itself. If you cut it, push the pieces back together and leave them for one hour, it reforms its bonds and meshes back together. It can even be stretched (they have a video).

ABC has finally announced their spring schedule. Most of it is exactly what we expected (new episodes are being filmed for Lost and Grey's Anatomy, but we have to wait for fall for Pushing Daisies or Private Practice). Men in Trees will be back next week.

A Greener Gadgets Award has been given to a lamp powered by gravity. You move a weight to the top, and it slowly drops down, powering LED lights equivalent to a 40watt bulb. The weight takes 4 hours to drop, the lamp should last 200 years if used for 8 hours every day, and the light color will slowly change over time. Other winners and notable entries can be found here.

NBC is swapping timeslots for How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory effective on March 17th. I hope they like this better and renew HIMYM.

Technology Review has released their list of 10 Emerging Technologies for 2008 they believe will be most important in the future.

The HD format war is over and Blu-Ray won, but don't run out and get a Blu-Ray player yet. Over the next year, they will be adding features and lowering the cost.

Monk and Psych have both been renewed. The new seasons will start in July.

Fox has changed their spring lineup yet again. Everything worth watching will be on Mondays.

NBC has announced how they want to change their presentations for advertisers. They are focusing on a 52-week year instead of just fall and possibly midseason shows.

There is nothing on TV tonight.

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