Thursday, February 21, 2008


Concurring Opinions has interviewed Ron Moore and David Eick, creators of the current Battlestar Galactica, about the issues they bring up in the show. So if you want to hear them answer questions about the legal, moral, political, and religious allegories in the show, check it out.

Looking for a new way to store books? Check out the bookshelf staircase.

The Saturn Award nominations have been announced (SF, Fantasy & Horror in film & TV).

SyFy Portal takes a look at the new genre shows that are planned for the next year. Dollhouse, Sanctuary, and True Blood show promise, Wizards First Rule really depends how they handle the adaptation from the books, and the rest will probably die quickly (or I won't care much if they don't).

The win by Blu-Ray in the HD war had Star Trek as a casualty. Toshiba was paying for the remastering of the original series, and just announced they are canceling the season 2 release. Paramount has now announced a switch to Blu-Ray, but they didn't mention how this will affect specific releases. Hopefully soon we'll find out if all 3 seasons will be released in Blu-Ray format, or if season 1 on an obsolete format is all that will exist for a while.

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