Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The International Space Station's newest lab, built by Europe, is opening for business today.

Astronomers have spotted what is probably the farthest galaxy ever found. It is 13 billion light years away, which makes the images from 13 billion years ago. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this image is from. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated show that takes place between movies 2 and 3. It will debut on Cartoon Network this fall, with encores on TNT.

The Hobbit movie is probably on hold again. The Tolkien estate is suing New Line Cinema because they haven't received any of the money from the Lord of the Rings movies. They are seeking damages of money and the right to terminate other agreements to Tolkien works (this is where The Hobbit would come in).

AT&T is replacing T-Mobile as the wireless hotspot provider for Starbucks. They will provide free Wi-Fi access to their DSL customers (other users will still pay a lower price than under T-Mobile). This brings the number of AT&T hotspots in the US up to 17,000, including McDonald's and Barnes & Noble locations.

DVR for tonight:
10pm Jericho (CBS) - 2nd season premiere

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