Monday, February 11, 2008


The Nine Lives Foundation blog has been updated with pictures from the move. Go check it out to see why I am so tired and sore today.

ABC announced the renewal of 9 shows today. What they didn't announce here was if any of them would actually see new episodes before fall. There were no surprises. I'm glad that Pushing Daisies, Lost, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy got renewed (I don't really care about the other 5), but there is still no word on Men in Trees or Women's Murder Club.

In related news, the TV Guide guy has updated his chart with reports (always subject to change) of which shows may have new episodes coming this season, next season, or never.

A new theory unites the theories of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the same framework. Similar to "ether" this dark liquid would generally expand, but could condense around galaxies.

CNet has a look back in time today: they have a slideshow cracking open the TRS-80.

The writers strike is now over. Yay! However, as Tim Goodman at the Chronicle reports, that doesn't mean we'll get the rest of the TV shows ordered at the beginning of the season.

Yahoo has rejected Microsoft's takeover bid, saying the approximately $42 billion offer undervalues the company. Some articles indicate they would accept a higher offer.

Roy Scheider (Jaws, SeaQuest, 2010, etc...) died yesterday of blood cancer. RIP.

Neil Gaiman is asking for people to vote on which of his books (8 are offered) should be available as a free e-book to introduce people to his work.

The new Wall-E trailer actually includes some plot info.

Tor is giving away free e-books for people who sign up for their newsletter. Apparently they are going to make some big announcement soon, and want to publicize it. The first 2 books available are Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and Old Man's War by John Scalzi (both very good books).

Someone made a cartoon of the 7 Old Men of Science Fiction. I managed to guess 6 from the picture. Anyone who can figure out all 7? If you are frustrated, the answers are in the first comment posted here.

DVR for tonight:
Kyle XY
Sarah Connor Chronicles

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