Thursday, February 14, 2008


Beginning in April, Lost will move to the post-Grey's Anatomy timeslot, Thursdays at 10pm. I hope that doesn't mean it will be shorter, since Grey's frequently runs long.

The release date for the new Star Trek movie has been changed from this Christmas to May 8th, 2009. Other release date changes are announced in the article too, but I hadn't been as aware of the films.

Several actors are urging the Screen Actors Guild to begin negotiations early, so they can avoid another strike. Even with the writers back, studios are reluctant to start projects with the possibility of an actors strike in June, so it would be good for everyone if they could put together an agreement early.

With only about 2 weeks left for Hugo nominations, Spectrum is urging people to make nominations based on published works in 2007, not name recognition of their favorite artists. They link to the excellent gallery at Locus which can be used to determine which artists had which cover art pieces for books and magazines in 2007.

Locus has also tabulated genre books that appeared on multiple "Year's Best" lists for 2007.

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