Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Later this month, Virgin Atlantic will be conducting a test flight using a biofuel blend (ready 10 months ahead of schedule). Air New Zealand will be conducting a similar test later this year. Even if successful, we are years away from this fuel being approved for passenger flights in the US by the FAA, but it is still a great start.

CNet has a slideshow today of the NVArt digital art challenge winners, which is an international digital art contest sponsored by Nvidia and the Society of Digital Artists. I like the 2nd and 3rd place pieces. More on the contest, including other entries, can be found at the NVArt site.

Steven Gould talks about his book, Jumper, becoming a movie. I had heard of the book vaguely, but didn't ever look at what it was really about. I need to read it before seeing the movie.

McNallyRobinson has an interview with Robert J. Sawyer.

Robert Picardo is going from occasional guest star on Stargate Atlantis to full cast member in the 5th season, replacing Amanda Tapping as she leaves for her new show.

Steven Brust has written a Firefly/Serenity book called My Own Kind of Freedom. It is a free download.

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9pm House (season finale)

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