Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Cool slideshow: Space.com's top 10 views of Earth.

Interview with Kristen Bell about Heroes, etc. Her "arc" will be at least 13 episodes. Sounds like a series regular to me.

Rumors are that Doctor Who is going to have a multi-Doctor episode in the 4th season (Peter Davison will appear).

They will start a Doctor Who comic, based on David Tennant's doctor, next year.

According to SFTV.org:
SciFi looks to be planning to repurpose NBC's Journeyman, Bionic Woman
and Chuck, but do not appear to have Heroes on their schedule. The last
week of September shows Journeyman airing at 7 pm on Thursday with
The Bionic Woman at 7 pm on Friday. On Sunday night, they have Chuck
scheduled at 11 pm with Journeyman at 12 midnight. Once Doctor Who
ends its run in the 8 pm Friday time slot, it may be that one of the
NBC shows will take over that time slot on Oct 11th.

They have cast James McAvoy as Scotty in the new Star Trek movie. (I've seen him in 4 roles, but strangely remember him best as the faun in Chronicles of Narnia).

Interview with Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge:

They've made a term for the stuff clogging my mailboxes that I'll get around to looking at eventually: bacn. It isn't actually spam, it may be something you want, but you don't really want to read it.

Great article on using nanotechnology to make solar panels more efficient.

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