Monday, August 27, 2007


Reports are that Keanu Reeves will play Klaatu in a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I actually usually like him, but I think this is really horrible casting.,0,2690006.story?track=rss

Early studies show that stem cell injections can help rebuild heart muscles after a heart attack. The same article says that stem cell use for spinal cord injury goes to clinical trial next year!

Article on lesser known SF movies & miniseries. Talk about a strange mix.
1 - Dark City - I like
2 - Robot Stories - I like
3 - The Lost Room - OK
4 - Pi - never saw
5 - Lathe of Heaven - saw ~25 years ago and don't really remember
6 - Ghost in the Shell - never saw
7 - Akira - never saw
8 - Donnie Dark - I like
9 - Cube - never saw - it looks too much like horror
10- A Scanner Darkly - never saw and not really interested

Kevin Smith will direct a 3rd TV show this coming season. We know about Reaper and Heroes: Origins, but now Battlestar Galactica has been added to the list.

The original lightsaber prop from Star Wars is going into space for the 30th anniversary. Chewbacca (or an actor dressed as him anyway) will pass it off to NASA. Then R2-D2, storm troopers and other characters not yet named will escort it along the way. This has got to be filmed for some sort of anniversary dvd release.

Eliza Dushku has signed a development deal with Fox. They killed Tru Calling and didn't even pick up her last pilot, so why does she want to let them keep her dangling? She and Tim Minear must have the same masochistic tendencies or the same agent.

Interview with Sherilyn Kenyon about her Dark Hunter series. 2008 has been marked as the "Year of Acheron." Talk about teasing.

The Sarah Jane Adventures will be back for 10 30-minute episodes telling 5 2-part stories this fall in the UK.

Infinity Plus, a free online SF magazine, celebrates 10 years and closes down. They will keep their archives online.

Review of Heroes 1st season dvd set from someone who never watched the initial run. It's fun to see someone get addicted.

New evidence shows Beethoven died of lead poisoning brought on by treatments from his doctor.

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