Monday, August 13, 2007


Funny gimmick: It looks like Two and a Half Men and CSI are going to swap writers for one episode this season. The CSI is going to have Christine Baranski as the co-star of a murdered TV diva. (Probably a dream fulfillment since the writer is known to have feuded with both Rosanne Barr and Cybil Sheppard on their shows. Sounds like he learned Joss Whedon's lesson since 2.5 Men doesn't have a name in the title. ;)

Promoting the DVD and the start of season 2, Heroes is airing 4 cast-favorite episodes hosted by 2 actors each starting next Monday.

World Fantasy Award nominees announced. 2 of the novels I already wanted to read. I never heard of a 3rd but have added it to my wish list because it sounds great. The other 2 don't interest me and I tend to think they made the list by author name without anyone bothering to read them first. The sad thing is you have to get down to Best Anthology before you find something I've already read. You can guess which books fit in which categories if you check out the list.

New Line is trying to mend fences with Peter Jackson to get him involved in The Hobbit after all.

The Heroes-Star Trek crossovers continue. Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) will guest star in 5-6 episodes this season. Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed from Enterprise) will also have an arc. James Kyson Lee (Ando) wants to play Sulu in the new movie.

In trying to find out if Jeckyll was hacked for US television (I can't find runtimes, but it sounds like it was), I found that Steven Moffat wrote 42 episodes of a show called "Press Gang" back in the early 90s. I'm curious about this, even if it is aimed a bit younger. (Oh, and rumors persist that Steven Moffat will take over Doctor Who if Russell Davies leaves.)

Comic Con video interviews about B5:Lost Tales. My volume isn't working right now, but supposedly Samm Barnes talks about short promo-sodes filmed that weren't included on the dvd but might be pulled from later.

Australia's largest bookseller is trying to kill itself. Clearly the management know absolutely nothing about the book business. If you want to see clever commentary about it, check out (TOR editor) Teresa Neilsen Hayden's blog entry for Friday:

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