Monday, August 20, 2007


Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) is going to have an arc on Heroes this season!,0,1160536.story?track=rss

The actress joining CSI has been named: Jessica Lucas. (I've only seen her in one small role, so I have no idea how she'll do.) They're still not actually saying if Jorja Fox is leaving.

More detailed article/interview about the non-green-screen Iraq on the Daily Show (which I think starts tonight).

There's a lot more SF&F audio online than I thought. Here's a page that links to some.

It looks like JK Rowling's next book will be a detective novel.

Seth Green interview about Robot Chicken.

They just found 5000 year old chewing gum. Apparently the birch tar had antiseptic properties that would help with infections, but I don't want to chew on anything that will still be around in 5000 years.

Here's a truly horrifying article. An act signed in 2005 going into effect May 2008 will require us all to have Big Brother style "Real ID" Drivers Licenses that link to birth certificate, SSN, photo, and address (requiring a trip to DMV with all the paperwork to prove this for EVERYONE) or - for states that don't go along with this program - we will have to carry passports to fly a domestic plane or enter a federal building or national park.

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