Wednesday, August 15, 2007


James Marsters will have a recurring role (approx 6 episodes) on Without a Trace this season. I may actually start watching again.,0,7108446.story?track=rss

SciFi has officially canceled Painkiller Jane, but will air all 22 episodes. I thought they'd already announced this, but I guess it wasn't official before now.,0,5054686.story?track=rss

Stargate Atlantis returns Sept. 28th until the midseason finale on Dec. 7th. Other premier and finale dates for SciFi this fall at:

Kyle XY is splitting their 2nd season, so the "finale" in 2 weeks is just the start of a midseason break until early next year. There will be 23 episodes.

Redwood City has approved the Costco expansion!

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