Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The upcoming HD-DVD release of Star Trek: TOS will have standard DVD on the flip side of each disk. This totally goes against the usual "make them buy it as many times in as many formats as possible" Star Trek marketing and makes it much more tempting to me.

From the "I can't believe I haven't heard everything yet" files: They are now making scratch-n-sniff "musty book smell" stickers for people to apply to e-book readers so they can have the smell of a book while reading electronic copies.

Another depressing article about how few people actually read books. It's based on the "Reading at Risk" study I linked to a few weeks ago, but they added quotes from people who do/don't read. Laurel: Sorry, I know you've seen this already.

Documentary on the history of SF TV. It's 30 minutes, so I've only seen the very beginning. It looks good though, so I'll probably watch the rest later.

I've never used Google Earth, just their online maps, but they just added some great features: a virtual telescope called Sky, which shows you the view from where you are and lets you zoom into Hubble photos and click popups with info, and a Book Layer, which tells you what has been printed about a location in public-domain books. (about book layer)

A new wine cafe has opened in Woodside for local wineries too small to have their own tasting rooms. Sounds nice.

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