Friday, August 24, 2007


I mentioned the new Google Earth the other day, and today it featured on MyStanford's home page. Stanford was 1 of 7 winners (out of 300 schools competing) of a Google prize for 3D mapping of the campus.

Subterranian Press has started putting their latest magazine online for free. I've never checked these out before, but they include stories by Charles deLint, John Scalzi, etc. and most issues have an audiobook.

Paul Reubens will have a recurring role on Pushing Daisies.

The report of JK Rowling writing a detective story was part of a joke reported as fact. Nobody knows what her next project will be yet.

A Torchwood producer talks about the origins for the idea of the show (US shows like Buffy, X-Files & BSG among others).

John Williams will be doing the music for the final Harry Potter movie and Indy 4.

Astronomers have found a huge empty hole in the universe.

Fairly interesting article about all the fighting going on about setting up high speed rail from LA to SF (the argument being the route and the funding).

Great article on cord blood. If you've been paying attention, you know I think this is a medical marvel being thrown away far too often. This covers pretty much all the issues.

Stargate full series box images are at TVShowsonDVD:

Stanford Shopping Center is planning to expand.

Sony has developed a bio-battery that runs on sugar. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have ecologically-friendly batteries?

Any DVD that comes packaged with a barf bag is clearly not trying to sell to my demographic. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?

Tor books is going to podcast from the Worldcon in Japan next week.

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