Thursday, August 2, 2007


It looks like someone is going to unbox D'Anna on Battlestar Galactica: Lucy Lawless is coming back.

Neil Gaiman talks about the difficulty in adapting Stardust.
He also talks about the Coraline movie.

Film clip from the premier of Stardust: includes footage and interviews, but caution because the ad before the clip is really annoying.

Chip Johannessen (whose credits include Dark Angel and Surface) is the new showrunner for Moonlight. No indication of what changes he has in mind.,0,6270318.story?track=rss

Linda Park (from Enterprise & Raines) has been cast as a regular on Women's Murder Club. Bruce McGill (a prolific "Oh him" who I always think of as Al the Bartender from Quantum Leap) has been cast in Bionic Woman.,0,5597588.story?track=rss

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