Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Roundup for 8-31-07

It sounds a bit like friends having a joke together, but Kristen Bell and Clark Duke from Greek say they are forming a band. Well, we know they both can sing, let's just hope they choose better lyrics than that "Darwin Lied" song from Greek (and not quite as absurd as Reefer Madness).

The skywatch alert for tonight is actually 830-9pm (much better than 130-6am for the eclipse). It is supposed to be a good time to see the Draco the Dragon constellation.
However, there is another skywatch alert for early tomorrow morning: a rare meteor shower that could be amazing or could be a complete dud.

Robot Chicken on the Last Unicorn. This is so incredibly WRONG.

Masi Oka commenting on the fact that Bittorrents were used to watch Heroes in France before the TV airdate.

Great casting for the Royal Shakespeare Company, but potentially weird scheduling, delays or a new Doctor Who for season 5. David Tennant and Patrick Stewart are going to star in Hamlet next year. Afterwards, David Tennant will play in Love's Labor's Lost.

XM Radio is going to start doing audio versions of classic books in 30-minute installments, starting with Fahrenheit 451. I don't know how many will be SF, but it probably doesn't matter since I don't have XM radio. :(,0,7607137.story?track=rss

Monday is the Kyle XY mid-season finale, and they promise it will answer some questions but have a cliffhanger. Of course.

There are rumors of ANOTHER Dune movie. I think they've pretty much covered Dune, and I'd like to see them get to another book, but who knows.

Rumors are that, schedules permitting, Zoe Saldana will be the new Uhura.

NASA images are going to be archived online by the Internet Archive. This includes non-digital images like the Apollo moon landings they will have to convert, films, videos, etc.

Anne McCaffrey's website has added a chronological order list. We should double check our BookCat entries for series order.

Preliminary schedule for Atlantis shows no midseason break. Only 4 weeks off during the season for holidays. This is too amazing to be true, I'm sure they'll change their minds. Possible spoiler warning: there are TV Guide level descriptions of the first 8 episodes.

Reminder, if you are interested, TOR is podcasting from Worldcon in Japan (which started today).

Interesting new science development for preventing nasty diseases:

Really good interview with John Scalzi.

Something I bet we all need: Top 10 Ways to Clean Your PC

NBC won't use ITunes for its shows. I hope they provide a good alternative if you miss an ep.

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