Monday, September 17, 2007

Roundup for 9-17-07

Somebody has created a list of 50 intelligent SF movies. They've broken it up by theme and left out a few I like (ex. Enemy Mine), but overall it is a very good list. There are some I've never seen that I might actually track down.

Microsoft lost its appeal in the European antitrust lawsuit = $613 million fine. They have 2 months to decide if they will appeal again.

RIP Robert Jordan. In March 2006 he announced his illness, reporting that the median life expectancy was 1 to 4 years, depending on treatment. I am sorry to say that,despite the treatment, he only lived 1.5 years more. He died yesterday. According to this, it looks like he left good notes, so hopefully the Wheel of Time series will one day be completed. He spent 17 years writing it, and I'd hate for it to remain unfinished, and (selfishly) I'd like to know how it ends.

Jay Mohr will be a regular on Ghost Whisperer this season. I guess that means that his pilot (I don't remember what it was) didn't get picked up.

I didn't watch the Emmy awards, but it looks like the only major-category win for genre shows was Terry O'Quinn getting Best Supporting Actor for Lost.

Mars is going to keep 100% cocoa butter in all its chocolate products. The industry is trying to save money by saying that 5% vegetable oil is still chocolate. That just sounds wrong, and I'm glad that Mars (who makes M&M, Dove, Twix, etc.) is standing up to the pressure.

Nebraska Senator sues God (to make a statement that lawsuits where you can sue anyone for anything have become ridiculous).

A group of MIT alumni have made a low-cost solar generator to bring refrigeration to developing nations.

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