Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roundup for 9-25-07

DVR settings for tonight:
6pm Eureka (SCIFI)
8pm Bones (FOX)
9pm House (FOX) - Really far behind on this show - may or may not watch.
Reaper (CW) - We saw a sneak preview of this and it is GOOD!

Mathematical evidence for the parallel universe theory.

Michael Shanks talks about filming the episode of Eureka that airs tonight.

Interesting new tripod robot design - the STriDER flips while walking.

Roof tiles with built-in solar cells. I wonder how efficient they are, but it is interesting to see a solar paneled roof that looks like a normal terracotta tile roof.

Interesting pictures of caves and water evidence on Mars.

EchoStar (parent company for DishNetwork) just bought Sling Media. I look forward to seeing a DVR with built-in sling-box so you can view your recordings on your laptop, PDA or maybe just a non-DVR satellite box in the same house without buying a separate device and going through another setup.

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