Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Roundup for 9-4-07

Not a surprise after the Royal Shakespeare announcement last week: Doctor Who season 5 will be delayed with the Christmas special in 2008 and 3 specials only for 2009. It still hasn't been decided if David Tennant will return for the delayed season or if they will recast.,0,1277392.story?track=rss

Hugo awards were announced: Vernor Vinge won best novel, Naomi Novik won best new writer, Patrick Nielsen Hayden won best long form editor (new category), Pan's Labyrinth won best long from dramatic presentation, Steven Moffat won short form again for Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace, David Langford won best fan writer for the 20th time (beating John Scalzi by 1 vote), etc.... I really like the look of the award - very appropriate for the first Japanese Worldcon.

Highlander complete series box set now available, and for the first time, they will also sell the box for people who already own the individual seasons.

Robin of Sherwood set 2 (otherwise known as season 3 or the ones with Jason Connery) comes to DVD next month.

Preview video for Star Trek TOS HD-hybrid dvd release. This includes some interviews and side-by-side comparisons of the restoration & changes.

AT&T has found a way to make a fortune from parents. They have a plan that will allow parents to completely control their kids cell phone usage. I think schools may soon require this plan.

Reject-free heart valve transplants grown from the patient's own stem cells in 6 weeks = cool new science.

The 2009 Worldcon will be in Montreal and Neil Gaiman will be the guest of honor. How does this sound for a first non-US Worldcon?

In 2 weeks, SciFi is going to have a Saturday movie that I will have to watch even if I am afraid of what they'll do with the story. It will be Highlander 5: The Source with Adrian Paul.

Nasty rumor for BSG fans. SciFi may split the final season over 2 years: 10 eps in 2008, the rest in 2009. As if the wait until 2008 isn't bad enough.

It looks like there will be a direct-to-dvd sequel to Dead Like Me, but Mandy Patinkin won't be in it, instead we'll get the guy who plays Desmond on Lost.

Example of how crazy our world is: Environmentally friendly cars only being sold in 8 states and not advertised even there.

Pilots for new shows Chuck, Journeyman and Life will be available on a Blockbuster exclusive free dvd rental.

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