Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roundup for 9-26-07

DVRs for tonight:
9pm Bionic Woman (NBC) and Private Practice (ABC) - worth pilots
10pm CSI:NY (CBS)

Mercedes McNab (Harmony on Buffy) is going to guest star as another vampire on Supernatural in November. Charisma Carpenter is joining the cast of Big Shots. (Why does a cast and crew I like so much have to be for a show that sounds dreadful? I'll probably end up giving it a pilot.)

Why is it that people still think colorizing classic films is a good idea? Now Ray Harryhausen gets colored over.

Cool science for the day: First zero-gravity surgery robot demonstrates vascular surgery in underwater lab.

Planned projects would increase California's solar power production to 65x current levels.

Slideshow for converting analog TVs to digital.

Slideshow of low cost tech for 3rd world needs. Interesting.

New comet detected that reappears every 4 years.

Like TorrentSpy last month, IsoHunt is going to stop allowing US computers to download torrent trackers from their site. This is caused by pressure from the Motion Picture industry, but I don't see them stopping downloads of movies only. :(

Dawn will rise in the west this week as the spacecraft Dawn is launched to study the asteroid belt.

New studies
show stem cell therapies will slow down liver damage to give the liver a chance to repair itself or give the patient time for a new liver to be found.

Massive underwater kelp forests have been found beneath the coral reefs in the tropical areas of the Pacific (where they never thought to look for them before).

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