Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Roundup for 9-19-07

CBS wants to make a US version of Eleventh Hour. Now if they kept Patrick Stewart, that might be OK.

USB 3.0 (coming next year) will add fiber-optic lines for 10x faster rates (to better support USB hard drives).

:-) turns 25 today. That deserves a :-)

Garbage trucks smelling like french fries? They didn't just load up at McD's, they are using biodiesel fuel. I'm not sure the smell problem from garbage trucks comes from the exhaust, but I appreciate their environmental efforts.

Cool science article of the day: Scientists are working on bonding electrons & antimatter to form exotic molecules that can power gamma-ray lasers.

Psych renewed for a 3rd year.

NBC is actually promoting Chuck. The pilot is available as a free download from Amazon, a free rental from Blockbuster, and now a free disk with any TV-DVD purchase at Circuit City (all offers expire when the show airs on Monday).

New satellite launched for gathering Earth images.

2 new John Scalzi books have been announced. Another in the Old Man's War universe, although a generation later, and a sequel to Android's Dream.

Ever wondered what it was like to have cat whiskers? This new headband uses infrared sensors to detect objects nearby and vibrates to alert the wearer something is there. If I ever go blind, get me one.

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