Monday, September 24, 2007

Roundup for 9-24-07

TV for tonight:
Chuck (geek gets download of spy knowledge - sounds like Jake 2.0 - worth a pilot)
Heroes (finally back!!!!!)
Journeyman (time travel - worth a pilot)
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory (giving this a pilot basically because it comes between 2 shows I'll watch although I doubt it will be worth a second episode)
2.5 Men

More writer/directors named for Heroes: Origins. Eli Roth ("Hostel") and Michael Dougherty ("Superman Returns") join Kevin Smith ("Clerks", etc.).

TVShowsonDVD is taking a REALLY in depth look at the new Young Indy dvd sets. I would like to rewatch some of these, but it might seem a bit strange to see Sean Patrick Flannery play a good guy. ;) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Cute story of geeks meant for each other: Marriage proposal in a crossword puzzle.

RIP Marcel Marceau (the most famous mime ever) and Alice Ghostley (Esmerelda from Bewitched, etc.).

Article about all the geeks on TV this fall (or shows aimed for geeks).

Article listing the best geek TV of our generation (#1 is Buffy). As usual with any list, I have problems with the order and omissions, but it is better than some.

New version of Gmail being tested according to ZDNet.

Wikipedia is making changes to become more trustworthy.

Really fascinating article on the top 10 transhumanist technologies (basically future technologies to change the way we live approached from a "we will definitely get this and this is why and how" sort of approach).

Article on Heroes (not to be read until tomorrow because it warns of spoilers).

Cord blood transfusions from siblings cures sickle cell disease and Thalassemiain in 90% of cases.

Low cost, high-efficiency solar panels nearing mass production.

Astronomers have modeled 14 planet types to help them spot an Earth-like planet elsewhere.

New studies show that the Amazon rainforest recovers better from drought than previous models suggested. I guess that gives us some hope.

Arthur C. Clarke comments on the Google X Prize award.

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