Monday, July 9, 2007

Roundup for 7-9-07

James Marsters hints a bit about his appearance on Torchwood next year. The possibilities amuse me.

Strange article about reaction to Battlestar Galactica. One thing of note is apparently there will be a spoof on Robot Chicken.,0,4267377.story?track=rss

JK Rowling input on movie #5: she prevented them from writing out a character because it would be significant in #7 and she gave more details for the family tree than are in the book so it would display right.

Apparently _Solstice_ by Patricia McKillip is a sequel of sorts to _Winter Rose_ (which I must not have read, because I thought Solstice was completely different from all of her other books). Now I need to read Winter Rose and see if I get the same lyrical urban fantasy in a small town feel from it.

The producers of the new SciFi Flash Gordon series are trying to get the star of the campy 80s movie to have a cameo in the new version (complicated by the fact that he isn't acting anymore).

Remembrance article for Fred Saberhagen if you are interested.

In a television interview, JK Rowling said she would "never say never" and might consider writing another book in the Harry Potter world sometime in the future. Following that, thousands of people have signed a petition to have her write more.

I wish this article included pictures. A woman found a kitten under the hood of her car, and her longhaired dachshund is now nursing it

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