Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roundup for 7-19-07

One of the people ignoring the release date of Harry Potter #7 is the New York Times. Their reviewer found a copy sold early and put a review with spoilers online. So be careful of NYT. The publisher is furious.

Weird new product: Bacon salt, available in original, hickory, and peppered. Because I'm evil, I want to give some to Joyce. :D

Fox has pulled all its films from Comic Con. They say the trailers aren't ready. This is going to hurt them big time in lost buzz.

The lead actor talks about the new time travel show Journeyman.

The producer talks about the evolution of the new vampire show Moonlight.

Comments about the Emmy nominations. The good: Scrubs got 5 nominations, mostly for the musical episode. Battlestar Galactica got 4 nominations, including for WRITING and directing, not just the technical stuff! 8 for Heroes, including Best Drama and Masi Oka for supporting actor. 5 nominations for Studio 60, 10 for Grey's Anatomy, 3 for How I Met Your Mother (including a much deserved supporting actor for Neil Patrick Harris), 6 for Lost, 1 each for Eureka, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Drive and Standoff.
The bad: nothing for Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars. In fact, the entire CW network got only 1 nomination, for Sound Editing on Smallville. Still a bunch of same-old, same-old nominations that make you go "Why was that worthy?"

Press Tour comments on Jericho season 2.

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