Friday, July 13, 2007

Roundup for 7-13-07

Menu screenshots confirm that the Heroes dvd will not include the web comics. (Annoyed here.)

Pete Townshend of The Who has written another rock opera, premiering this weekend.

Rumors are that Pixar is planning a sequel to Cars for release in 2011. The article also mentions the 2009 movie is Toy Story 3 and John Carter of Mars will come in 2012. The article doesn't mention what is planned for 2008 or 2010, but I was curious and went looking. 2008 will be "Wall-E" about a 700 year old robot looking for a home in space (from the writer of Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and both Toy Stories).

Interesting advances in stem cell research if anyone cares.

Best Iraq news I've seen in a while: there are rampant rumors that giant badgers have been released in the area by British troops and are eating people at night.,22049,22056684-5001028,00.html

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