Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Roundup for 7-17-07

Complete series set to be released for ST:TNG with extra bonus features. One day, when the price has dropped A LOT, I think I may want this. Pics of the packaging available:

They've started tracking ratings on commercials and discovered what we already know: people with DVRs will rewind to watch movie trailers. It is somewhat amusing though that they discovered some ads have a higher rating (because of multiple viewings) than the shows they are in.

John Barrowman says we get to find out more about Captain Jack in 2nd season Torchwood and he talks about his reaction (and David Tennant's) to the huge revelation (no spoiler in the article) at the end of season 3 Doctor Who. I hope they expand on -spoiler- in Torchwood next year.

JMS comments on the effects for B5:Lost Tales.

The actor for the new BBC show from Steven Moffat, Jeckyll, talks about this version of the Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde story.

Rotten Tomatoes has released its best and worst reviewed movies for the first 6 months of the year. Ratatouille is the best (I really need to see that sometime soon). Is it sad that I only want to see about 2 of the top 10 and still want to see one of the 10 worst?

Coincidence soon to become marketing: the weekend Stardust opens in theaters is the weekend of the Perseids meteor shower, so there is a good chance you can walk out of the theater after watching someone on a quest to get a fallen star and actually see a falling star yourself. (Found among other notes on Neil Gaiman's blog this week.)

Interesting article about Jim Dale, the voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks. Even though his grandkids twisted his arms (literally) for spoilers to the final book, he kept silent. He will also narrate the fall TV show Pushing Daisies (which I already wanted to see).

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