Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Roundup for 7-10-07

Fox has announced premier dates for their Fall shows:
9-19 Back to You (new Kelsey Grammer comedy - this may be worth a pilot, I'm not sure)
9-19 Bones
9-25 New Amsterdam (immortal cop - worth a pilot) - LATER MOVED TO MIDSEASON
9-25 House

MGM is planning a complete box set for Stargate SG-1 with 4 bonus disks not included in the individual season sets. I hate it when they do that when we already have the individual seasons, but maybe they will do like MASH and make the bonus stuff available separately for previous buyers. (Angel is also getting a complete box set, but no word on extra features.)

Fox now isn't planning to play the final episodes of Drive at all. They just have fun mucking with Tim Minnear, don't they? Can't say I'm surprised, just a bit disappointed.

It looks like Leonard Nimoy will be in the new Star Trek movie (and not Shatner).

Even though they wrote Rachel Luttrell's pregnancy into Atlantis, they will still be hiding it in many episodes since they filmed out of order to accommodate Amanda Tapping filming the 2 SG-1 movies.

We get a new episode of Eureka tonight! Yay! As part of the publicity, here's a little article that talks about their spiffy new sets.

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