Monday, July 16, 2007

Roundup for 7-16-07 is going to make more webisodes, and they are including Farscape in the lineup!
There will also be more for Battlestar Galactica and some original stuff that sounds more promising than some of their on-air lineup.,0,5788060.story?track=rss

Like the first sentence of the article, I'm not sure if this is good news or bad, but Seth Green will be joining Robin Williams and John Travolta in the Disney Movie "Old Dogs".,0,938637.story?track=rss

Isaiah Washington will have a 5-episode arc on the new Bionic Woman show.

More comments on James Marsters appearance on Torchwood.

Apparently there are rumors that Russel T. Davies might be leaving Doctor Who (he's the main writer/showrunning producer). Steven Moffat (writer of about 4 Who episodes & all of Coupling) comments that Doctor Who will continue even if it changes hands (but he didn't answer if he would take it over).

The BBC is doing a spin-off of Life on Mars called Ashes to Ashes that will have another modern day cop thrown back to the past to deal with DCI Hunt, but this time the year is 1981 and the main character is a woman. I wonder if 8 years will have changed Hunt at all?

It looks like a 2nd X-Files movie is actually going to happen. They have a script, the actors are signed, and everything. Who would have believed it after all these years?

NBC has scheduled premier dates for this fall, and moved around some of their shows. The only show moved that I am considering watching is Chuck, about a geek who gets a spy database downloaded into his head (sounds vaguely like Jake 2.0). This makes Monday night all slightly-scifi since Journeyman is about a time traveler.
9-24: 8pm Chuck, 9pm Heroes, 10pm Journeyman
9-26: 9pm Bionic Woman
9-27: 8pm My Name is Earl
10-25: 9:30pm Scrubs,0,1307535.story?track=rss

This may be the most amazing offer I've ever heard from a drug company. Johnson & Johnson has offered the UK a money back guarantee on their drugs. If patients don't respond, they don't have to pay. I don't know how this will work or what will come of it, but I'm amazed they even made the proposal.

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