Friday, July 20, 2007

Roundup for 7-20-07

Good cast announced for a movie about the birth of the Napa wine industry. "Bottle Shock" will star Eliza Dushku, Bill Pullman, Alan Rickman, and others.,0,1942555.story?track=rss

Fascinating article on electric hybrid cars. (Laurel: after our conversation this morning seeing this seemed like kismet.)

Article about Steve Carell's version of Maxwell Smart in the new Get Smart movie. Not sure about this.

CBS admits their scheduling was a mistake that killed the ratings for Jericho. Nice to see them admit it and bring it back.

David Greenwalt explains how Moonlight is different from Angel (that other vampire detective show he worked on ;).

Heroes has added another regular character. There's a picture, but very few details.,0,3945209.story?track=rss
Info on HRG (Mr. Bennett) in season 2.

Supernatural has cast the 2nd woman to join the cast for next season.,0,7041783.story?track=rss

CW has scheduled its premieres. I just don't plan to watch most of it.
9-25 9pm Reaper (His parents sold his soul to the devil, and now he's a bounty hunter for escaped souls - or something like that. Kevin Smith directed the pilot. I'll at least watch the pilot to see if it is as funny as it should be.)
10-4 9pm Supernatural
The rest of their lineup, if you care, is at

Mark Sheppard (aka Baltar's lawyer on BSG and the Jack the Ripper type killer on Medium) has joined the cast of Bionic Woman.

Review of B5: Lost Tales (with only minor spoilers)

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