Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roundup for 7-12-07

The final Drive episodes will be available online at,0,4733925.story?track=rss

The producers discuss what they would have done if Drive continued.

Two women are joining the cast of Supernatural next season. The first to be cast is Katie Cassidy (daughter of David Cassidy), as another demon hunter.,0,2832551.story?track=rss

A&E is remaking The Andromeda Strain as a 4 hour mini-series with an amazing cast: Benjamin Bratt, Ricky Schroder, Eric McCormack, Andre Braugher, Christa Miller, Daniel Dae Kim, Viola Davis and Ted Whittall.,0,3937048.story?track=rss

Atlantis is adding a new, technologically advanced, alien race next season.

Aaron Sorkin has signed a 3-movie deal with Dreamworks. The first movie will be about the Chicago 7. I guess no TV from him for a while, but I wonder about the others from Studio 60.

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