Tuesday, March 4, 2008


RIP Gary Gygax. The father of the role-playing game and co-creator of D&D died this morning at the age of 69. Reactions from gamers and former gamers can be found all over, but I first saw it at slashdot, where they are asking people (as a memoriam) to tell how roleplaying touched their lives. There is also a eulogy at CNet.

CNet's Crave article from yesterday discusses "Tech that is just wrong". Some I agree with, some I don't, but it is an interesting article.

It looks like we'll soon be getting more than dairy products from California's "happy cows". PG&E is planning to use cow manure to generate methane, and then refine it into bio-gas and use it for all natural gas uses.

Microsoft has changed their plan for IE8. Unlike previously announced, it will conform to standards by default and have different modes available for the user if they don't want the default mode.

DVR for tonight:
9pm New Amsterdam (pilot)
10pm Jericho

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