Friday, March 21, 2008


Hugo Nominations have been announced. A few things I voted for even made the list (YAY!), but I'll have some reading to do. John Scalzi comments on his nominations. The nominee list at SF Signal has links to free online versions (more to come soon).

Jericho has officially been canceled again.

Nanochip Inc. has developed a new flash memory technology that stores memory in a different way, so it won't be limited by the Moore's Law trend. We may see 1TB storage on a chip in only a few years.

A math puzzle that has been unsolved for 38 years is now solved. An Israeli-Russian mathematician has solved the Road Coloring Problem.

Studies warn that the east bay is due for a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Hayward fault at any time now, and we are not even remotely ready for it (only 5-15% of buildings are even insured compared to 30-40% for Katrina-damaged).

It sounds like Apple may be contemplating selling an iPod that comes with all the (legal) free music downloads you want from iTunes if you pay a higher price upfront for the iPod. (Basically different methods for doing a subscription music service instead of a pay-per-song method.)

It looks like The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be renewed. While it hasn't been officially announced, they have been given permission to add staff.

The TV Guide guy reports from the Buffy Reunion panel this week, but it is for curiosity only. There was nothing exciting announced.

DVR for tonight:
830p Return of Jezebel James (Fox)

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