Monday, March 3, 2008


Popular Mechanics has been visiting MIT and looking at their efforts to power hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars with ultracapacitors instead of batteries. There are two articles about the technology and predictions for use.

CW has officially renewed Supernatural.

SciFi Wire has announced the top 10 SF movies of all time according to the poll they were running. Did you vote? The top spot went to Star Wars.

The courts upheld the ban on high-frequency sonar used by the Navy off the shores of California and Hawaii.

Now that I have my membership and hotel room booked for Worldcon in Denver this August, I have started to think about the trip. I found this proposal for making the trip into a site-seeing tour, and I want to do something similar. Which sites would be the most interesting to see and how long should I extend the trip to make the tour?

DVR for tonight:
5pm Kyle XY
8pm Sarah Connor Chronicles (2-hour season finale)
10pm Medium

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