Thursday, March 20, 2008


Gerald McRaney will be joining Women's Murder Club as the estranged father of the main character. I wonder if this is a sign that it will be renewed.

Researchers have developed artificial muscles that heal themselves and generate energy.

Cool tech for the day: Researchers have made a microchip-sized "fan" that operates silently, has no moving parts, and generates enough wind to cool a laptop. (It generates 3 times more wind than a traditional fan 4 times its size.) They picture being able to incorporate it into the silicon and make self-cooling chips.

Researchers have developed a room temperature superconductor.

Blue light LEDs may be incorporated into vehicles and truck stops to keep people awake when driving at night. The blue light apparently changes the circadian rhythms and helps them stay awake.

More links for Arthur C. Clarke appreciations can be found here. (And if you didn't follow the link from the first post to the LA Times story, you should read it. It was very good.) Still more new links and appreciations available from and Locus.

Barry Hughart has written an introduction to the upcoming omnibus release of his series from Subterranean Press. They put it up on the preorder page.

Bionic Woman producer David Eick confirms that the show has been canceled.

Eick and Ronald Moore describe the new BSG spinoff, Caprica, as a totally different type of show.

The future doesn't look very good for Men In Trees. ABC still hasn't indicated if they will renew it, and the producers tried to shop it around to Lifetime, but they won't pick it up.

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