Monday, March 10, 2008


Representative Tim Crouch of Kentucky wants to make anonymous online posting illegal. He wants to prevent cyber-bullying, but it would have the effect of killing free speech.

The WB is going to be resurrected online. There will be free streaming video of all WB-produced shows that aired on the network. It is still unknown if shows produced by outside studios (like Buffy) would also be shown.

SF Signal has a video recap of Battlestar Galactica in their Tube Bits section today (there is other news that you might find interesting on the same page). 3 seasons in 8.5 minutes.

A new study shows that having a cat in the home reduces your chance of a heart attack by 30%.

Ben Browder is co-writing a miniseries called Going Homer, which brings to life characters from Greek and Roman mythology. A modern 12-year old can see the gods walking among us. No word on when this may eventually be seen on TV.

Roger Moore is teaming with the producers of Homicide to make a TV movie of The Saint. If successful it could turn into a new series. James Purefoy (of A Knight's Tale, Rome, etc.) will play Templar.

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