Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Numb3rs will be losing another lead actress. Diane Farr is leaving the show at the end of this season.

Stephen King and his son (bestselling author Joe Hill) are collaborating on a novella which will appear in an anthology honoring Richard Matheson.

Microsoft has released a timeline for the phasing out of XP. Considering it will be years before any software requiring FDA approval could ever be approved for use on Vista, I see that we are going to be screaming for them to extend their support timeframe. Just because they want people to switch doesn't mean we all can. This report from CNet implies the deadline may continue to shift.

The compiler of the Classics of Science Fiction lists is considering new lists with slightly different criteria (for SF books that even a non-genre reader has heard about).

The original drawing of Ada Byron (later known as Countess Lovelace, the world's first programmer) has been sold on eBay to a computer programmer. How appropriate.

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10pm Jericho (series finale)

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