Friday, March 28, 2008


Popular Mechanics lists the 10 Most Prophetic Science Fiction Movies Ever. Another list to argue about (especially since I don't think some of their choices were even trying to predict the future, just look cool), but I like their #1 pick (Gattaca). I also find it interesting that 2 of the 10 have the same author (Andrew Niccol).

CNet's Crave today discusses the Top 10 Obsolete Ports. Of these, I still use 2 (parallel and PS2) on a regular basis, and they left off the serial port (probably because most computers don't even have them now, even though I want to use old hardware that requires it). I do like their page 10 joke.

Since Firefox 3 is just about ready for public (non-beta) download, they have started to plan what will be in Firefox 4. Two features planned are application launches that will work offline and synchronizing browser settings between different computers you log on to. Read more at the Webware article.

2 articles this week on the silicon chip: ITnews thinks the chip is dead and will be replaced by carbon nanotubes and superconductors, and BBC news has an article about silicon bonded with rubber to make stretchable chips for flexible applications.

A French sound recording made nearly 2 decades before Edison ever recorded sound has been found and played. (The original technology could record but not play back sounds, but researchers have found a way to play it back.)

A columnist for Earth & Sky has proposed that a Gamma Ray Blast that occurred on the same morning as Arthur C. Clarke's death be renamed as the "Clarke event". He urges people to contact planetariums to put more support behind the request.

Eos is giving away copies of their Hugo nominated books (The Yiddish Policeman's Union and The New Space Opera) as well as putting excerpts online.

SF Awards watch has a reminder that the Locus Poll submissions need to be in by April 15th. If you want to vote, the ballot is here.

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