Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Nortel has developed new optical networking gear that can quadruple network capacity and bring speeds up to 100Gbps. They are going to begin implementation in Denmark and the UK.

Publishers are removing DRM from audio book downloads. They found the DRM wasn't actually protecting the files from those who would illegally distribute them, but it was limiting their legal distribution.

CNet has some great photos of Saturn and Mars today.

Firefox has released their 4th beta version of 3.0 for download.

Cord blood advances: An injection of stem cells from his own cord blood seems to be curing a 2-year-old of Cerebral Palsy. UC Davis plans to store cord blood for race horses to be used for orthopedic injury treatment.

How I Met Your Mother is going through some crazy guest cast shuffling. They had scheduled Alicia Silverstone to play a multiple-episode arc, possibly playing the mother. Now, they've added Brittney Spears as a cameo in what was to be the first ep of the arc. (Why? Don't they know I would be happier if I never have to see her face or hear her name?) Alicia bowed out of the episode (they still plan to bring her in later as another character) and has been replaced by Sarah Chalke (Elliott from Scrubs) who can only do the one episode due to scheduling constraints.

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