Friday, October 5, 2007


DVR for tonight:
5pm Doctor Who
6pm Flash Gordon - I need to decide if I'm ever going to watch this before it fills my DVR
7pm Stargate Atlantis
8pm Ghost Whisperer
9pm Moonlight - I actually thought the first ep was amusing, so I'm giving it another chance
10pm Numb3rs

There are rumors that there may be a direct-to-dvd Serenity 2 because the dvd is selling out.

Jericho has shot an alternate ending for its 2nd season finale in case there is no 3rd season.

Geologists, including a Stanford professor, have extracted samples from a 2.5 mile borehole dug in the San Andreas fault (and put in sensors). For the first time, they are going to study how the fault works, understanding the actual rock content from an active fault.

A new race to the moon is on. Japan's satellite reached orbit today. China and India will be following soon. (I expected to see some action after the prize for a moon landing was announced, but I'm pretty sure that specified private industry, so I'm surprised to see so many government sponsored projects.)

Kyle XY has been renewed for a 10-episode 3rd season. (2nd season is 20 episodes, so I'm not sure if this is a decision to have a shorter season or a preliminary order with more to be determined later.)

They think they've found the purpose of the appendix, and it can be replaced by yogurt. The appendix apparently stores good bacteria to help your system reboot after disease.

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