Wednesday, October 10, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
8pm Pushing Daisies
9pm Bionic Woman & Private Practice (I really need to watch at least one of these)
10pm CSI:NY & Life (I still haven't watched any but have been told I should)

Apparently Pixar is planning not just one John Carter of Mars movie but a trilogy.

Japan's lunar probe has jettisoned baby satellites and has started taking pictures and studying the moon.

Using GPS to predict the weather? By measuring the change to radio waves sent through the atmosphere between GPS-RO satellites, scientists can get a very accurate view of our atmosphere (temperature, humidity, denseness, weather, etc.). Not all GPS satellites are the -RO models, but they are planning to launch more.

Researchers are working on a computer user interface that changes in response to the stress, overload, or distraction level of the user. I'm not sure I want my computer knowing that much about me.

The new Star Trek film has cast it's villain (Eric Bana) and may have found a young Kirk (Chris Pine, assuming he doesn't choose to make the George Clooney movie instead).

Subaru has a new electric car prototype they will be showing off this month. The article worries that with Subaru and Nissan developing electric cars, the new startups may not survive. As long as the cars get made (and not shelved again), then I don't care who does it. Hopefully the startups (even if they die) stay around long enough so that the big players don't abandon the technology.

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