Tuesday, October 2, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
6pm Eureka (SCIFI)
8pm Bones (Fox)
9pm House (Fox) and Reaper (CW)

Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys is going to be a BBC online radio play in November. The voice cast will include Lenny Henry (who did the amazing audio book version) but not by himself this time.

Alzheimer's Disease may be Type 3 Diabetes - Science Daily has an article on the research that may lead to treatment possibilities.

CNN calls James Burgett a hero for diverting computer components from landfills, hiring recovering addicts to help restore them, installing Linux to make them workable, and giving them to schools and non-profits around the globe. Now, after successful inspections in the past, he has been written up and may need to change the way he does business or throw away most of what he has. What kind of sense does that make? Details can be found here.

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