Tuesday, October 23, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
8pm Bones
9pm House & Reaper

CBS has ordered 4 more scripts for Moonlight.

Pushing Daisies has received a full season pickup!! Quirky charm getting a full season pickup this early? I never would have expected this, but I'm glad.

Sean Patrick Flanery talks about making Young Indiana Jones (the dvd set is about to come out).

Honda has said that they have no interest in making a plug-in hybrid. If they can get the necessary battery power, they would go for a pure electric.

They have found a correlation between leaded gas use and crime rates. The lead from gas was getting into the water and air, and once it was phased out for about 20 years (so there weren't still people in their teens and twenties who were raised with high lead), the crime rates drop. If the lead was prevalent enough to be causing notably different crime levels, I wonder what other problems it was causing.

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