Thursday, October 25, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
8pm My Name is Earl
9pm Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural
930 Scrubs (7th season premier - NBC)
10pm Big Shots

Bionic Woman now has a new show runner. The show runner for Friday Night Lights (who had also done Roswell) has been pulling double duty since Glen Morgan left. The new show runner is from The Sopranos, and I'm a bit concerned that it appears his only SF experience is one ep of Surface.

A distant comet has just brightened by a millionfold. Check it out near the Perseus constellation.

The Discovery Channel recently had a competition to explain string theory in a 2-minute video. Check out the "best".

Scientists have found evidence that Saturn's outer ring was formed by the destruction of a moon.

SciFi has ordered a pilot for Warehouse 13, which they describe as a cross between X-Files, Indiana Jones & Moonlighting. The actual description sounds more like a secret government version of The Librarian, but it could be fun. It was written by Rockne O'Bannon (Farscape) and has one of the producers from Battlestar Galactica.

A plant is being built in Massachusetts to make natural gas from biomass. Sounds like it will be cheaper to produce and better for the environment than traditional sources.

New technology gives us new privacy concerns to think about. As advances are made in digital photography, GPS data, and online mapping, photos can be tagged with data about their location. This is great if the photo is a real estate listing, not so great if you accidentally geotag photos from the party in your back yard. More on the issues here.

Slideshow from GE's clean tech labs. Interesting products being developed.

Lost has a habit of killing characters when the actors who play them get arrested. Let's hope that doesn't continue, because I'd hate to see Daniel Dae Kim leave the show even if he did make a stupid mistake.

Yahoo is supporting alternative energy with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by the end of the year.

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