Thursday, October 18, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
8pm My Name is Earl
9pm CSI & Grey's Anatomy & Supernatural
10pm Big Shots

David Sutcliffe (Christopher from Gilmore Girls) is joining the cast of Private Practice.

The main writer/producer promises that Sara (Jorja Fox) will be coming back to CSI.

RIP Deborah Kerr. The actress from The King & I, The Prizoner of Zenda, Affair to Remember, etc.... has died at 86. TCM has changed their schedule to play 2 of her movies this Sunday.

The new Star Trek cast is now complete. Rumored casting of Chris Pine for Kirk and Karl Urban for Bones have been confirmed.

The 2-hour "Christmas" episode of The Closer will air on Monday, December 3rd at 8pm.

The results are in from the high tech scan of the Mona Lisa. It appears she did have eyelashes & brows at some point, but they faded or were "cleaned" off.

Comedy Central is launching with 13,000 videos covering the entire run of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. This is their challenge to YouTube.

A team from Arizona State University has found evidence of early humans along the coast of South Africa dating back 164,000 years (about 40,000 years earlier than any evidence had shown before). They've made some interesting discoveries about the development of mankind. Another article can be found here.

UK researchers have turned stem cells from fat into nerve cells and plan to use a biodegradable polymer to place these cells where they can act as an artificial nerve and bridge the gap in damaged nerves for limbs and organs. Treatment could be ready in 4-5 years.

SciFi has greenlit a movie/pilot called Revolution which is about a colony world struggling for independence. It could be good, but will probably end up being lame.

60 percent of auto combustion energy is lost as heat. There are now people looking into adding thermoelectric generators to capture that energy and make cars more efficient. More ideas along this line can be found in the Popular Mechanics article.

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